Cyrex Labs Predictive Autoimmunity Tests

As a top immuno-neurologist with an interest in reducing the number of environmental toxins we expose our immune systems to, what kind of support have you found in the medical community for your work?

[The] "answer depends upon the definition of medical community. If you are asking about complementary and alternative medicine, absolutely, yes. If you are talking about functional medicine, they absolutely recognize these types of abnormalities. There are thousands and thousands of articles in scientific journals beginning 40 years ago and con-tinuing on through today. Unfortunately, the medical doctors who are practicing medicine do not have time to read these scientific journal articles. Therefore, they are not educated in the field and do not recognize that environmental toxins and infectious agents and dietary proteins and peptides can induce autoimmunities."

Aristo Vojdani, PhD: Environmental Factors and Autoimmune Disease

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